a podcast about truth in a post truth world.

is free speech dead on university campuses? has higher education been hijacked by marxists? lower case truth takes a critical look at some of the truths and alternative facts that have been produced by and about higher education in recent years.

season 1 looks at higher education. we’ll be speaking to experts to get to the bottom of Capital T Truth, lower case truth, and all the truthiness in between. if we can’t find truth, we’ll settle for nuance.

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the host

hi i’m maggie reid. i have a phd but won’t make you call me doctor. incidentally, i only answer to doctor. i am the jackman humanities institute’s journalism fellow for 2018/2019 and a radio documentary producer for cbc’s ideas. i am the co-founder of king squared media. my favourite thing to do is to write laundry lists of my accomplishments. where is the lie?